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    • Driving Too Fast For Conditions

      Driving Too Fast For Conditions

      The posted speed limit applies to perfect driving conditions (e.g., lighting, weather and traffic flow).  It is the maximum speed allowed in that [...]
    • Michigan Storm Damage & Home Owner’s Insurance Claims

      Michigan Storm Damage & Home Owner’s Insurance Claims

      The storm that blew through NW MI last August 2, 2015, left a trail of property damage for many.   And with that, many property owners are looking [...]
    • Avoiding Dangerous Chainsaw Accidents

      Avoiding Dangerous Chainsaw Accidents

      Since last week’s major storm up in Northern Michigan, tree clean-up is the task at hand for a great many of residents.  Obviously, caution [...]
    • Pedestrians Have The Right-Of-Way

      Pedestrians Have The Right-Of-Way

      Up here in northern Michigan, our local community shopping districts are bustling with tourists.  Multiple designated pedestrian cross-walks and roadway [...]
    • Jeep Recall & Driverless Vehicles

      Jeep Recall & Driverless Vehicles

      Needless to say, the recent news about the operation of motor vehicles being (or capable of) hacked by outside sources is deeply disturbing.  Fiat-Chrysler [...]
    • Golf Cart Agreements

      Golf Cart Agreements

      So you and your pals have driven to northern Michigan to play a round of golf at one of its many, beautiful golf courses.  You get to the starter [...]
    • Festivals & Vendor Tents

      Festivals & Vendor Tents

      It is that time of the summer season up here in northern Michigan where festivals are in full swing.  With that come corporate sponsors and vendors [...]
    • Fireworks


      It is that joyous, patriotic celebratory time of the summer when we gather together and watch municipal firework shows.  The calendar of fireworks [...]
    • Keeping Dogs on a Leash

      Keeping Dogs on a Leash

      Up here in northern Michigan, we are blessed with so many trails, walkways and places to walk, hike, bike or recreate.  And to many, dogs are equally [...]
    • Look for Motorcycles & Bicycles

      Look for Motorcycles & Bicycles

      The nice weather is upon us.  Naturally, with that, so are avid motorcycle enthusiasts and cyclists.  Sadly, although a motorcyclist or bicyclist [...]