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One of the nicest things about editing the Traverse City blog is the people I’ve met and the relationships I’ve developed as the editor of this site. One of those people is local artist Michael Sincic.

His love of art began in Junior High and High School and continued into college. His approach to art was drastically altered in 1995 when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Prior to the tumor, he was regularly sketching and drawing cartoons. But, this passion was paused while he focused on address this serious injury to his brain.

Thanks to his parents and an incredible neurosurgeon in New York, his life was saved and he has continued in his love of art through painting and sculpting. Unfortunately, he lost most of his sight and his pituitary gland due the removal of the tumor, but he has learned to "feel" with his hands as he continues to create his art.

He began his company, "Michael’s Unique Visions" in the fall of 2000. One of his original art works was commissioned for Steve Yzerman, captain of the Red Wings Hockey team which spends summers up here in Traverse City at their training camp. His art is sold throughout northern Michigan at DeYoungs in Traverse City, Elements Gallery in Charlevoix and Harbor Springs and Main Street Gallery in Milford.

I will be in Lansing next week at the Annual Conference of the Brain Injury Association of Michigan. Look for the Smith & Johnson booth in the vendors area. Michael has been kind enough to allow me to take some of his art work with me to Lansing and we’ll have it on display at our booth.

Michael is an amazing brain injury survivor, a very polite and thoughtful young man and a very, very talented artist.

To quote Michael:

"People with disabilities are still people. We all accomplish things, like to have fun, and can communicate in some way. We can do just about everything anyone else can do – maybe just in a different way."

I hope to see some of you there.



  1. Mark Bello

    Tim: Thanks for sharing this inspirational story of courage in overcoming disability. Many elements of our society think that our tort system is a method of compensating malingerers and fakes. Serious injuries cause serious consequences to some terrific people who are left to perservere at less than full capacity. Your post does not indicate how the injury occurred or whether Michael was a client of yours and received compensation, but an injury can happen, in a split second, to anyone, with life-changing consequences. Congratualations to Michael for overcoming this adversity and thank you for bringing his story to our attention. Enjoy the conference and give Michael my best. Regards, Mark

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