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Michigan Department of Health and Human Services [MDHHS] reported on October 4th that they have seen the first death in Michigan due to a vaping-related lung injury. They are urging vaping users who experience symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain, cough, fever and/or nausea and vomiting to immediately seek medical attention.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control, there have been 1,080 lung injury case associated with e-cigarettes or vaping products nationally. 18 deaths have been confirmed in 15 states [not including the recent death in Michigan].

Recently, in the New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. David C. Christiani, M.D. wrote, “there is clearly an epidemic that begs for an urgent response”. Current litigation against JUUL, Labs, Inc. has uncovered a company that has downplayed the dangerousness of their product. As the New York Times reports: “Juul Labs, the dominant e-cigarette company, illegally marketed its vaping products as a less harmful alternative to traditional cigarettes, the Food and Drug Administration said on Monday, casting a deepening shadow over the safety of e-cigarette devices.” As recently as September, the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning letter to JUUL. In that warning letter, the FDA stated that JUUL violated federal regulations by touting it’s vaping products as being safer than traditional tobacco products.

It’s becoming clear that vaping is probably a much more dangerous alternative to traditional tobacco products. Dr. Brandon Larson, a surgical pathologist at Mayo Clinic recently reviewed lung biopsies from 17 patients, all of whom had vaped. He confirmed direct chemical injury to the lungs “similar to what one might see with exposure to toxic chemical fumes, poisonous gases and toxic agents”.

Smith & Johnson is currently interviewing potential Michigan claimants for inclusion in this litigation re: JUUL e-cigarettes. If you have questions about this product and what rights you may have, please contact Attorney Tim Smith at 231.946.0700 for a free consultation.


  1. Gravatar for Joe

    What causes so much confusion is how In Europe the government is encouraging the use of Vaping. What also I’ve been told is a lot of vaping issues have all come from vaping with THC. Is that true?

    1. Gravatar for Tim Smith, Attorney
      Tim Smith, Attorney

      The most recent medical studies are showing dangers from both THC and non-THC vape products. I believe that we will begin to see increasing medical evidence that both THC and non-THC vaping are causing serious injury and even death.

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