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No Charges Filed in York Dog Attack

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A dog attacked and bit a politician going door to door in a neighborhood in York County. The District Attorney has decided that no charges will be filed against the dog owner. The owner of the dog wanted charges filed against the politician for trespassing because she came to the backdoor.

Buster, an 8-year-old pit bull, attacked Caldwell around 6 p.m. Saturday after the candidate went to the back door of Knopp’s Craley Road home. Dr. Tony Skiptunas III, who was out campaigning with Caldwell, stepped in to save her and also was attacked.

He said he twisted Buster’s collar until the dog couldn’t breathe, then wrestled Buster to the ground, holding the dog’s head down with his knee.

A chunk of Caldwell’s calf was bitten off, and Skiptunas was bitten on the chest and hands.

The dog is currently in quarantine and will be returned to his owner at the end of 10 days. It has been decided he is not a threat and was acting to protect the home.