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Page Graves

Driving Too Fast For Conditions

The posted speed limit applies to perfect driving conditions (e.g., lighting, weather and traffic flow).  It is the maximum speed allowed in that perfect driving context.  When less than optimum conditions are present (e.g., reduced light/vision, wet roads or congested traffic), […]

Page Graves

Jeep Recall & Driverless Vehicles

Needless to say, the recent news about the operation of motor vehicles being (or capable of) hacked by outside sources is deeply disturbing.  Fiat-Chrysler just announced its recall of 1.4 Million vehicles after reported hacking disrupted the driving of at least one reported […]

Page Graves


It is that joyous, patriotic celebratory time of the summer when we gather together and watch municipal firework shows.  The calendar of fireworks shows is considerable when you consider they will take place in so many of our beautiful communities here […]

Page Graves

Look for Motorcycles & Bicycles

The nice weather is upon us.  Naturally, with that, so are avid motorcycle enthusiasts and cyclists.  Sadly, although a motorcyclist or bicyclist is generally highly prudent and safe consciously aware of the road environment, this common Michigan traveler on the […]

Page Graves

Right-of-Way On The Water

With summer now upon us here in Northern Michigan, the excitement to get out on the water builds.  Refreshing yourself with the basic rules of navigation and right of way is always recommended.  Failure to obey the rules and which causes […]

Tim Smith

Disbursing Funds under Michigan's Wrongful Death Statute

Recently, we’ve resolved a number of wrongful death cases here in Northern Michigan. In Michigan, these types of cases are governed by a statute that controls every aspect of the case, including how…

Tim Smith

Outrage in Bay City over Marvin Schur's death.

I just found out that Marvin Schur was a World War II vet. Is this how we treat our veterans?
The citizens of Bay City are up in arms over the callousness shown by their City Managers.
Click here…

Tim Smith

Update on Marvin Schur's tragic death

If you read my prior post on this tragedy in Bay City, I found some updated information about how and why this happened.
1. The limiter device had been in use through DTE in Metro Detroit, but they…