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Page Graves

Winter Road Conditions Mandate Slowing Down

It may seem obvious.  It may seem an unnecessary public service caution to express.  Especially for us northern Michiganders.  But for whatever the reason, once winter returns the local news is ripe with car crashes occurring in our area, most […]

Page Graves

Skiing/Snowboarding Helmets Increase Safety

Several ski resorts in Northern Michigan have already opened and several more have announced their season will begin this weekend.  With that in mind, it is time to re-check and make sure your and your child’s ski or snowboarding helmet fits properly and […]

Page Graves

Medical Provider No-Fault Rights Strengthened Again

Since last week’s blog post, the Michigan Court of Appeals issued yet another published decision strengthening a medical provider’s independent standing to pursue no-fault benefits.  The case is Chiropractors Rehabilitation Group v State Farm Mut Ins Co, found here.   As has […]

Page Graves

Driving Too Fast For Conditions

The posted speed limit applies to perfect driving conditions (e.g., lighting, weather and traffic flow).  It is the maximum speed allowed in that perfect driving context.  When less than optimum conditions are present (e.g., reduced light/vision, wet roads or congested traffic), […]

Page Graves

Look for Motorcycles & Bicycles

The nice weather is upon us.  Naturally, with that, so are avid motorcycle enthusiasts and cyclists.  Sadly, although a motorcyclist or bicyclist is generally highly prudent and safe consciously aware of the road environment, this common Michigan traveler on the […]

Page Graves

Right-of-Way On The Water

With summer now upon us here in Northern Michigan, the excitement to get out on the water builds.  Refreshing yourself with the basic rules of navigation and right of way is always recommended.  Failure to obey the rules and which causes […]

Tim Smith

Loss of Consciousness & Traumatic Brain Injury

The defense expert.
The hired gun.
I’ve written a bit about these physicians who are hired by insurance companies and defense attorneys to criticize my clients. The lengths that they will go to…

Tim Smith

The Forgotten Injury After TBI: The Injury to the Marriage

It is clear to the doctors who treat traumatic brain injury, as well as the attorneys that represent those same injured individuals, that the organic damage to the brain itself is a very real injury…

Michelle Ranae Wild

Educational Seminar on Brain Injury in Orange County, CA

Event Date: Friday 29 January 2010
This workshop is designed specifically for professionals, survivors, and caregivers who are interested in learning about the needs of those living with brain…

Tim Smith

Michael Sincic: Brain Injury Survivor & Artist

One of the nicest things about editing the Traverse City InjuryBoard.com blog is the people I’ve met and the relationships I’ve developed as the editor of this site. One of those people is local…